You may find this hard to believe but:

The history of the Slye Fox Public House can be traced back to 1859 and a hamlet in the south of England. Charles Brae had initially led the weekly Fox Hunt across numerous neighboring fields and although accompanied by over a hundred experienced foxhounds and twenty-five equally able huntsmen, the Greyshire Fox had outwitted them for the fourth time in as many weeks. The hunt had always culminated outside a coaching house called the Fox Public House, with the little grey fox vanishing without a trace.

Years earlier, the pubs head cook and bottle washer had secretly raised the orphaned cub in the cellar below the fine old coaching house. Once the little grey fellow had grown up he explored the countryside by way of a hole in the ancient coach house walls. Regardless of where he roamed, he always returned to his warm and comfy home below his coaching house. His ability to disappear from the weekly hunt continued for years, until his natural death, sometime in the late 1870's.

The legend of the Greyshire Fox, however, increased, to the point the coaching house was renamed the Slye Fox Public House. By early in the 1900's the entire coaching house had been dismantled and brought here piece by piece. Over the years and even up to recent times, people working in the cellar have reportedly sighted what can only be considered as the ghost of the Greyshire Fox. That Slye little fellow. So come for the food and stay for a drink and above all else, enjoy yourself in the old Slye Fox Public House and maybe stay out of the cellar, unless of course, you do not believe in the legend.


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